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"Hello children - I'm so glad you've come to our website. I hope you'll find something just for you.
    I wrote these stories as I explored our farm with my grandchildren. There were so many secret places that we began to live the stories through our imagination and meet all the little folks and animals you'll come to love.  I hope you can see everything in your mind's eye as Sharon reads about these happy places.
    You'll meet Miss Meadow M'am who lives under the hill, the Troll brothers who wait under the bridge, and Stormy, affectionately named Kitty, sometimes.  There's a secret room to find, an attic door to open and a grungy cellar to explore. In the barn, you'll meet  the donkeys, Dolly and Jack. You'll learn about Jack's tricks and how he taught us to play with him.  These are only a few of the friends who want to meet you.
And best of all, 'there's a place for you' in all of this, and a birthday club to join, if you wish. You can sing our club song along with me, especially that happy line, "there'll always be a place for me."
In my heart, I'll hear all your voices from around the world joining together. You can also sign the guest book and leave me a note. If you leave your email address on the Newsletter List, you'll be sure to know when I add a new story, Where ever you are, this Grammie will include you on her list of friends."

Besides writing for children, which is very special to me, I have many other interests.
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How did MeadowLane Audio Stories happen?

Sometimes the most exciting projects are the unplanned ones.  Would you believe this is how it was with MeadowLane Audio Books? My friend Sharon and I have been 'writer-friends' for many years, but only recently have we pooled our resources to offer the audio stories.
As I showed Sharon a collection of stories I'd written for and with my grandchildren, she suggested that other children might enjoy them, as well. Another friend, Ann, had sparked my interest during the summer of 2009, with her writing projects in audio books. So, the idea of sharing my Grammie Books, as well as other stories, began to immediately take root. Sharon wrote the words for our Club song and I set the words to music.
The grandkids involved in helping to create some of the stories encouraged me to let the stories go beyond our storytelling chair, which added to the excitement as well.
So, I do invite you to follow the children who have already come to hear some stories. I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Award Winning Author, Donna j. Mann talks to children, all those who have grown to love her audio stories, and those who are just beginning to explore them. She hopes you will come to know that this site is an exciting place to spend time.